biotene dry mouth treatment

Beneficial Products for Dry Mouth Sufferers

The Biotène® product range is divided into three categories: moisturizing relief products, hygiene products and stimulation products. All biotène dry mounth products have been specifically formulated for individuals experiencing Dry Mouth in mind.

In July 2013, GSK Consumer Healthcare introduced a reformulated and improved product line of Biotène® products that includes Biotène® Dry Mouth Oral Rinse, Biotène® Oral Balance Gel, and Biotène® Mouth Spray. These reformulated products all have an adjusted pH level closer to neutral and a new combination of moisturizers, for optimal dry mouth symptom management.

Dry Mouth Symptom Relief with Moisturizing Products

Relieve the discomfort of Dry Mouth symptoms immediately with Biotène® moisturizing products, which help ease Dry Mouth symptoms. Moisturizing Dry Mouth relief products offer instant comfort for the symptoms of Dry Mouth.

  • Biotène ® Moisturizing Mouth Spray
  • Biotène ® Oral Balance Gel

Products for Dry Mouth and Oral Dryness Oral Hygiene

Gently cleanse the oral environment without irritation-causing ingredients, help protect oral health and freshen breath with Biotène®.

  • Biotène ® PBF Oral Rinse
  • Biotène ® Fuoride Fresh Mint Original Toothpaste
  • Biotène ® Fluoride Gentle Mint Toothpaste
  • Biotène ® Dry Mouth Oral Rinse