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How to Manage Dry Mouth Symptoms While at Work

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According to the General Surgeon's report on Oral Health in America, dry mouth can be a side effect of more than 400 prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs. Did you know that nearly seven out of 10 Americans are on prescription drugs? This means that if you suffer from dry mouth, you’re probably not the only one in your office dealing with it!

Here are a few simple ways to manage dry mouth at work without adding any extra stress to your day.

Tips For Managing Dry Mouth at Work

Use Biotène Moisturizing Spray. Discreet and small enough for an on-the-go lifestyle, this moisturizing spray doesn’t just provide soothing dry mouth symptom relief, it also freshens breath and can be used multiple times a day. Spritz before a big meeting for a little extra public-speaking confidence.

Love Your Water Bottle. Sipping water is a natural way to help manage dry mouth symptoms, and since healthy adults should be drinking four to six cups of water a day, keeping a water bottle at your desk can resolve two issues at once.

Limit Caffeine. Because caffeine can make your mouth feel drier, it’s good to limit your trips to the office coffee machine. Keep bags of caffeine-free tea at your desk for when you feel the need to take a break.

Be Mindful of Your Lunch. Moistening dry foods with broths or mild sauces can make chewing and swallowing easier than that traditional sandwich with a side of chips.

Carry a Package of Biotène Lozenges. Dry mouth can cause bad breath. These sugar-free, refreshing mint lozenges can help freshen your breath.

Dealing with dry mouth at work doesn’t have to be a pain! These solutions will help you out without slowing you down.

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