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Tips for Easing a Dry Mouth While on a Road Trip

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Whether you’re driving for a few hours or a few days, road trips are one of those quintessential activities that bring a sense of freedom and adventure. And just because you’re living with dry mouth doesn’t mean you can’t pack a few bags, grab a few friends, and hit the road with wild abandon.

Use a few of the tips below to make your next road trip enriching, fun — and most importantly — comfortable!

Stay Hydrated, No Matter What

If you deal with dry mouth, it’s important for you to sip water frequently to loosen mucus and keep your mouth moist. Be sure to have a full water bottle or two with you at the start of your trip, and if you make a pit stop, refill any that you’ve drank, so you always have ample hydration on hand. Make sure everyone in the car understands that because you may need to replenish along the route.

Plan Rest Stops

With drinking lots of water inevitably comes needing a few extra bathroom breaks along the journey. While it’s probably not feasible to plan every rest stop or bathroom break along your route, it’s a good idea to make note of some cool places — whether they’re roadside attractions, specific towns, or landmarks — you’d like to experience along the way. It’s also a good idea to map out where the larger rest stops will be along your route, so there’s no last minute scrambling for a gas station. A little planning beforehand goes a long way when it comes to making the trip enjoyable.

Ditch Salty, Dry Snacks

Typical road trip snacks like dry and salty jerky, chips, pretzels and nuts can actually make dry mouth symptoms worse, so ditch them in favor of healthier snacks like apple slices with peanut butter, protein-filled yogurt, cheese slices on pieces of soft bread, and even soup with vegetables and protein in the form of chicken or beans.

Keep Your Mouth Occupied

After hours on the road, you might want to freshen your breath a bit. Biotene Lozenges are a great choice because they’re not only sugar free and full of refreshing mint flavor, they’re created by the number one dentist-recommended dry mouth brand, so you know you can trust them to have your back when it comes to a quality product.

Avoid Alcohol / Caffeine

While it’s pretty much a given that alcohol shouldn’t be a part of a road trip, both alcohol and caffeine can dry out your mouth, making dry mouth symptoms worse. Focus on non-caffeinated teas and beverages that aren’t super acidic to keep your mouth happy!

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