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3 Symptoms of Dry Mouth You Might Be Missing

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Dry mouth, a condition where the salivary glands don’t make enough saliva, may not sound like a big deal in the grand scheme of things. But some of its symptoms can sneak up on you and affect your quality of life in small but impactful ways. Why deal with extra inconveniences if you don’t have to? Watch out for these three dry mouth symptoms, and consider adding Biotene Dry Mouth Oral Rinse, which is clinically proven to provide up to four hours of dry mouth symptom relief1, to your oral care routine.

Symptom #1: A Changed Sense of Taste

If you’re a foodie, this may be a bit of a downer: Dry mouth can actually impact your taste buds. Turns out, saliva plays a role in taste sensitivity. So if your favorite pasta dish doesn’t taste as vibrant as it used to or steaks are lacking in flavor, for example, this could be due to your dry mouth condition.

Symptom #2: Dry, Cracked Lips

Unfortunately, cold, windy weather isn’t the only cause of irritated lips. Dry mouth could actually be what’s behind the cracking and flakiness you might be experiencing. Even if your irritated lips aren’t painful, they still can make you self-conscious. And who needs to feel that way about one more thing, right?

Symptom #3: Difficulty Speaking Due to Thick Saliva or Lack of Saliva

Feel like it’s tough to get your words out sometimes, even when you know exactly what you want to say? You just might be suffering from difficulty speaking due to thick saliva or not enough saliva, yet another annoying symptom of dry mouth. Moisturizing your dry mouth can help you speak without difficulty, which means you can get your point across the first time, whether it’s at the dinner table, a work meeting, or elsewhere.

If you experience these symptoms, you might be overlooking your dry mouth. To moisturize and get instant, soothing relief, manage your dry mouth with Biotene products like Oralbalance Moisturizing gel, Moisturizing Spray, Original Rinse and Gentle Rinse.

1 As measured in a 28-day clinical study