biotene dry mouth treatment


Dry Mouth, or Xerostomia, is a common problem that affects about 25% of all adults. But exactly what is Dry Mouth? Dry Mouth occurs when saliva production begins to slow down. Dry Mouth itself is not a condition but rather a side effect of several different medical and biological circumstances. Biotène is committed to relieving the discomforts that these side effects lead to.

The symptoms of Dry Mouth vary from individual to individual. However, if you think that you may be suffering from signs of Xerostomia, some common Dry Mouth symptoms are: blisters and mouth ulcers, difficulty eating dry foods, cracking at the corners of the mouth, oral redness, thirst at night and difficulty speaking**. For a more in-depth list, click here.

If you do suffer from Dry Mouth symptoms, you may not only be looking for Dry Mouth remedies or Xerostomia treatments but also the answer to the question, “What causes Dry Mouth?” Chronic Dry Mouth causes are linked to a range of medical conditions and circumstances. Common causes are diabetes, Sjögren’s Syndrome, taking a multitude of medications and a variety of other conditions or medical situations that are notable causes of Dry Mouth.

Biotène is committed to offering a full line of products formulated specifically for Dry Mouth management. Our products either help to ease symptoms of Dry Mouth or do not irratate a dry mouth.

*Biotène products have recently been reformulated. Read our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more.
**Biotène is not indicated for all symptoms listed.