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Creating a Caregiver Basket for Loved One

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When someone you love is diagnosed with a chronic disease, emotional support is one of the most important things you can provide. Of course, this can take many forms — quality time spent together talking, regular phone calls, or check-in emails. Going to doctor’s appointments together or running errands for your loved one can certainly qualify, too. But don’t underestimate the impact a basket full of thoughtful goodies can have either, as you’re saving your loved ones from the trouble of getting things they might want or not even know they need.

Here’s are some basket building tips to help you get started!

How to Create a Caregiver Basket

1. Socks or Slippers

It’s much easier to stay positive when you feel loved and comforted. And sometimes comfort really can come in the form of a pair of fuzzy socks or cushy slippers, especially if your loved one might end up spending a few nights away from home. Find a style with some kind of tread on them or no-slip soles, which should be safer for walking around in. And if you think a silly motif like unicorns or avocados will make your friend or family member smile, go for it. After all, they say laughter is the best medicine.

2. Throw Blanket

Similar to socks and slippers, gifting a cozy blanket to your loved one is like giving him or her a constant hug, especially if you can’t be there to do this in person. Look for something breathable that’s made out of organic cotton.

3. Books and Magazines

If your loved one is going to be bedridden or confined to the house or a medical facility for a few days or weeks, he or she is going to need some activities to pass the time. Sure, phones and television are great distractions, but why not transport your loved one to a whole new world with a book?

You can pick a bestseller, hone in on something related to your loved one’s hobbies or interests, and even include an uplifting self-help title for a little inspiration. Audiobooks are an option too, but remember to include a printout so your loved one knows what title you’re gifting and how to access it.

4. Snacks

Hospitals aren’t exactly known for having great food, and even if your loved one is home, it can be tough to get to the grocery store. So consider including a few snacks in the basket you’re making. Best to look for nonperishable, healthy options — extra credit if you can find individually portioned servings. Just be sure to clear any sort of snack you’re thinking about buying with your loved one’s doctor or caregiver to make sure it’s OK.

5. Toiletries

Self-care is super important for everyone. Make it easy and enjoyable for your loved one by adding things like a luxe eye mask, body scrub, toothbrush, and other personal care products to the mix. Dry mouth can be an unpleasant side effect of taking certain medications, so include a bottle of Biotene Moisturizing Spray, which provides convenient, on-the-go dry mouth symptom relief.

Caregiver basket building is all about anticipating your loved one’s needs to make them feel as comfortable as possible during a trying time. As small as some of these items may seem, the basket is a gesture that can mean the world to someone who’s working every day to get healthier!

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