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Can Alcohol Make Dry Mouth Worse?

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If the thought of Friday happy hour keeps your gears churning through the week, you may be bummed when your dry mouth symptoms flare up after a drink or two. If this is something you’ve noticed, but weren’t sure what was happening, it’s no coincidence. Research has found that alcohol can make your dry mouth worse. Here’s how to know if you suffer from dry mouth and how to sip on a spirit or two when you’re out with friends.

What Causes Dry Mouth?

Dry mouth happens when you have little or no saliva in your mouth, and over time this can lead to things like tooth decay, sores, cracked lips, and general discomfort. You’re more likely to have trouble chewing and swallowing with dry mouth as well as having bad breath, which can make you self-conscious eating or drinking in public places. And while many lifestyle factors can contribute to dry mouth, there are some you may not be able to change, such as prescription medications you’re taking for another condition or an illness that causes dry mouth as a side effect. But some habits can be changed, and doing so can make all the difference when it comes to your dry mouth symptoms.

Dry Mouth and Alcohol Consumption

Similar to caffeine, drinking alcohol affects how much saliva our mouths are able to produce. Alcohol can increase the “bad” bacteria in our mouths and lower the amount of “good” bacteria, which can ultimately change the microbiome in our mouths. This can lead to a “decreased flow rate” of saliva.

The best way to reduce and prevent symptoms of dry mouth that are related to alcohol consumption is, of course, to cut out all alcohol beverages. But for those who want to imbibe from time to time, keep Biotene Moisturizing Spray for immediate, on-the-go relief from dry mouth symptoms, so you can mingle without worrying about bad breath while helping soothe and moisturize your dry mouth. Aside from being a portable and convenient way to deal with dry mouth when you’re out, Biotene Moisturizing Spray is alcohol-free. That means you won’t be relieving your symptoms only to make your dry mouth worse in the long run. Now that’s something to cheers to!

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