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Picnic Foods to Help Relieve Dry Mouth

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No matter how old we get or how many times we’ve done it, warm weather picnics are just the best. Whether you’re the type of person who gets a kick out of cooking and preparing food for a crowd, or someone who just loves being outside as much as possible when it’s bright and sunny, one of life’s simple pleasures is definitely the ability to shake out a blanket and enjoy a meal with friends in nature.

However, if you’re dealing with dry mouth, not every food is a great choice when it comes to minimizing symptoms. Ahead are a few tasty picnic foods that are great options if you’re living with dry mouth — and the best part? Everyone in the group will enjoy them! And while you’re packing up that picnic basket, don’t forget to bring along some Biotène moisturizing spray, a convenient, on-the-go solution that provides immediate dry mouth-symptom relief.

The Best Picnic Food to Enjoy If You Have Dry Mouth

Fresh Fruits and Veggies.

Fibrous foods like fresh fruits and vegetables help clean bacteria and plaque off teeth, which can be helpful if you’re not making enough saliva (which acts as a natural cleanser) on your own. Chop up pieces of apples, carrots, and celery, and bring them along with some healthy dipping options like hummus. (Just make sure to make the pieces thin enough so they’re not a pain to chew.)

Baked Beans.

Eating foods at room temperature is usually better for dry mouth than eating things that are piping hot, and luckily, beans can be served cold! They’re also easy to chew.

Chicken or Meat in Gravy.

It’s usually advised that people who deal with dry mouth moisten their foods when possible, which is why bringing a main dish that includes a protein in either a gravy or broth is a great option. Another possible main-dish idea? Meat loaf, why is typically soft and easy to portion out.

Cucumber Sandwiches.

Soft bread can sometimes get stuck to the roofs of our mouths, which can make things difficult if there’s not enough saliva to wash it away, as is sometimes the case with dry mouth. Get creative — and add some veggie goodness — by making sandwiches that use cucumber slices as “bread.”

Naturally Flavored Seltzer.

Caffeinated drinks and alcoholic drinks can exacerbate dry mouth symptoms. Trade that iced tea or Rosé for some naturally flavored seltzer water, and sip on it often during the meal.


If you’re looking for a sweet fix, bring some sugar-free popsicles with you on your next picnic. Not only will they provide a bit of much-welcomed moisture, but if you bring extra, they may just make you the most popular person at the park!

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