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5 Tips to Reduce Dry Mouth Symptoms After a Flight

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Tips for making your next plane ride a more comfortable and pleasurable experience!

Traveling the world (or simply traveling to visit friends and family) is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but the actual travel part (read: sitting on a plane for hours on end) can sometimes be a bit less than ideal. Not only do we have to contend with small airline seats, very little choice when it comes to food, and other people all up in our personal space, but sitting in one position for too long is also quite taxing on the body.

If you’ve got some plane travel scheduled in the near future, check out these tips for making the whole process a little more physically and mentally enjoyable.

Ways to Make Traveling on a Plane More Comfortable

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Many people experience foot swelling on long flights due to inactivity and leg positioning. While occasional movement (such a standing, pacing, or stretching) is a great way to stave off this relatively harmless issue, wearing restrictive shoes will not make it any easier to deal with. Plus, who wants to have pumps or uncomfortable dress shoes on when they’re running full speed to catch a connecting flight?

Avoid Alcohol

Using hours in the air as an excuse to drink may not only lead to impaired judgment and motor function while trying to do post-flight tasks like wrangle a taxi or find the correct luggage, but can also contribute to dry mouth symptoms.

Pack Important Items in Your Carry-On

Because luggage can get lost during transatlantic flights, it’s a good idea to pack any daily medications, vitamins, cosmetics, or products (like Biotene Moisturizing Spray, which is only 1.5 fl. oz., if you suffer from dry mouth) in your carry-on so there’s no chance you’ll lose them.

Stay Hydrated

Airplane cabins are usually quite low in humidity — almost to an uncomfortable degree. If you want to feel your best once you land, make sure to keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water during the flight. (Staying properly hydrated will also help to keep things like dry mouth symptoms in check.)

Bring Healthy Snacks

Prepackaged snacks and airplane nuts can be full of salt, which can contribute to dry mouth symptoms. With all the added sugar and unnatural ingredients, prepackaged snacks are also not the best way to fuel your body. Pack healthy snacks like fruit and veggie sticks with peanut butter.

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