Dry Mouth Remedies, Relief & Care

Are you constantly sipping water to relieve your Dry Mouth symptoms?

While many people rely on water to cope with their Dry Mouth symptoms, water simply can’t provide ongoing relief and can lead to several trips to the bathroom. Since water doesn’t contain moisturizers and lubricants, the relief is only temporary.

Choose Biotène® for Dry Mouth management

Biotène®, the #1 recommended Dry Mouth brand by dentists and pharmacists, provides symptom relief that lasts for up to 4 hours* and can help keep your mouth healthy. Biotène® products are scientifically formulated to lubricate and moisturize with a pH similar to saliva.

*As measured in a 28-day clinical study

Simple dietary changes can make a big difference

Your diet can play an important role in helping to relieve Dry Mouth symptoms. Try eating healthy snacks like celery to add moisture to your mouth and stimulate saliva flow. You can also moisten hard, dry foods with broths and sauces to make them easier to eat.

Try these tips to help alleviate
the dryness

In addition to using Biotène®, here are other things you can do to help keep Dry Mouth symptoms under control:

  • Practice good oral hygiene to help keep your
    mouth healthy
  • Avoid smoking, which can aggravate
    Dry Mouth symptoms
  • Limit your alcohol, caffeine, and sugar intake,
    as they can dry out the mouth
  • Avoid oral products that contain alcohol, since
    they can increase oral dryness

Feel moisturizing relief throughout the day

Biotène® Moisturizing Spray provides a quick, on-the-go solution that gives you instant Dry Mouth symptom relief. It’s portable, easy to use, and helps freshen your breath.

Talk to your doctor or dentist to learn more about how to manage your Dry Mouth symptoms.