When you're experiencing Dry Mouth symptoms, we recommend a toothpaste that protects your teeth and is formulated to minimize irritation.

Biotène® Gentle Mint Fluoride Toothpaste is free of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and contains fluoride to help strengthen your teeth and protect against cavities. Use as part of your daily oral care routine.


  • Freshens breath
  • Contains fluoride
  • SLS-free
  • Alcohol-free and sugar-free


Use Biotène® Gentle Mint Fluoride Toothpaste at
least twice a day to help protect against cavities and
freshen your breath. Also available in Fresh Mint.*

*Always follow package directions


Active Ingredient: Sodium Fluoride. Inactive
Ingredients: Water, Sorbitol, Hydrated Silica,
Glycerin, PEG-8, Cocamidopropyl Betaine,
Xanthan Gum, Flavor, Sodium Saccharin,
Sucralose,Sodium Hydroxide, D&C Yellow #10,
FD&C Blue #1




Please bring back the original Gental Mint Toothpaste!!!!


I'm so upset about the change to the Gental Mint Biotene Toothpaste!!! I'm on so many medications my mouth is extremely sensitive, I tried everything, I actually had to start using children's toothpaste until I found Biotene Gental Mint several years ago!!!! Since the change to the Gental Mint Toothpaste now I'm no longer able to use Biotene at all. I'm not sure how they can say the NEW FORMULA is more gental when it burns my mouth and it didn't before it was changed!!! Please bring back the original gentle mint, READ THE REVIEWS, there are so many people affected by the change and can no longer use YOUR NEW AND IMPROVED BIOTENE GENTAL MINT!!!


I don't know about the new and old formulas...


This toothpaste is pretty good. There's no overpowering mint flavor, which I like. I would continue buying this.

Morton, IL

no dont buy


this new biotene paste is awful, get rid of it anx bring back the old one its not really worth one star at all


New version of the gentle mint is awful


Why did you change the formula , it's awful , it leaves your mouth chalky. The original version which was the gel, a light green was great. There are tons of comments about how awful the new version is, so why not go back to the original gel

Lyndhurst, New Jersey

The new formula is not anywhere as good as the old one!


Well, the old formular used to be great, no SLS, no drying ingredients, tasted great, cleaned my teeth, but the new formula is gross - it's chalky, doesn't taste good, and doesn't even clean my teeth properly. Time to find another brand I guess, sigh. Corporate greed strike again is my guess.

Los Angeles

I would NOT recommend the new gentle mint formula becausa


This new formula leaves a chalky taste in my mouth, dissolves almost immediately, and has a difficult taste. Please bring back the old formula. I actually prefer not to give it a star at all, it really does not help me at all!!!


Bring back the original gel formula


The new formula is just horrible, why did you change it, please bring back the gel


Bring back the old formula.


This did not help me at all. I bought this and used it as usual but thought something was different. The consistency is different but the most important thing is that it did not help my dry mouth at all. On top of that I finally figured out that this new formula was leaving a bad taste in my mouth all day. No matter what I ate or drank the bad taste was always there. I thought maybe it was one of my meds but I had not started anything different. Finally figured out it was the toothpaste. I had to switch to something else. Please bring back the old formula. Don't like your other option.


This toothpaste is a life-saver!


I am allergic to sodium laurel sulfate and have burning mouth syndrome or another as-yet-to-be diagnosed condition that causes significant mouth pain. I also have dry mouth from medications. This is the ONLY toothpaste with fluoride that I can tolerate. I love the flavor that some have described as chalky. It is indeed a gentle mint and has a fresh mint flavor without being overly sweet. The regular Biotene toothpaste is too strong for my irritated mouth. So in my view the gentle formula is PERFECT!!!! Thank you Biotene!

Buffalo, NY

I would not recommend this to anyone.


Why did you have to change from the gel gentle mint to this new formulation? Not good for people with very dry mouth or burning mouth issues. I hate this new formula! Leaves my mouth chalky, gritty and very uncomfortable. Please bring back the gentle mint gel formula! You company obviously does not really care about giving people a product that works and helps their dry/sensitive mouth issues since you are not listening to the many reviews like mine! I have severe Sjogren's Disease!

Tampa, Fla.


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