Is your dry mouth also causing bad breath?

If you’ve experienced bath breath, it’s safe to say you’re not alone. Whether you suffer from morning breath when you wake up or a less-than-fresh taste in your mouth at another time of day, we’ve all been there.

Another common cause of bad breath? Dry mouth. Dry mouth, also known by its medical name xerostomia, happens when the salivary glands do not produce enough saliva to keep the mouth moist.1,2 Adequate saliva is necessary for a number of oral and bodily functions, including washing away particles of food, aiding in chewing, swallowing, and digestion, neutralizing acids, offering protection against bacterial growth, and helping to improve our ability to taste food.1,2.3

For dry mouth sufferers, unpleasant breath can be a side effect.3 Since saliva helps wash away particles that can cause bad breath, a decrease in saliva production may cause bacteria to build up in the mouth, leading to bad breath.3

What causes dry mouth?

The causes of dry mouth can vary and the way you treat dry mouth is also dependent on the cause. Many medications like antihistamines, decongestants, muscle relaxants, and pain relievers list dry mouth as a side effect.3 Chemotherapy medications are another potential cause3. Beyond being a side effect of certain medications, dry mouth can also be caused by the following:1,2,3

  • Aging
  • Tobacco use
  • Alcohol use
  • Nerve damage from a head or neck injury
  • Diabetes that is poorly controlled
  • Stroke
  • Autoimmune diseases including Sjogren's syndrome and HIV/AIDS infection
  • Sleeping with an open mouth and snoring

If you think you may be dealing with dry mouth, there are a few additional symptoms beyond bad breath to look for. A feeling of dryness or stickiness in your mouth, difficulty chewing, swallowing, and speaking, sore throat, and changes in your sense of taste are all common symptoms of dry mouth.1,3

Biotène® can help freshen your breath

As you’ve probably experienced yourself, dry mouth can be a real pain, not to mention the potential serious health conditions it can lead to. But we’ve got good news for dry mouth sufferers! A mouthwash for bad breath can help, but it’s best to consult with a dental professional before using a mouthwash. No one deserves to suffer from dry mouth and the bad breath that follows, especially when there are simple ways to treat it.

However, before you reach for any old mouthwash, check the ingredient list. Other mouthwashes and rinses can help relieve bad breath, but may contain alcohol or strong flavors, which can worsen Dry Mouth. Biotène Dry Mouth Oral Rinse is a mouthwash that freshens breath and is specially designed to provide immediate relief for Dry Mouth symptoms for up to 4 hours.* Plus, it also helps freshen your breath. How can you say no to that?

In addition to using mouthwash from Biotène to help freshen bad breath, you might also try:3

  • Brushing and flossing after every meal, or at least twice a day, to help prevent odor-causing bacteria from multiplying
  • Quitting smoking if you are a smoker, since tobacco products can affect salivary glands
  • Limiting caffeine intake, since caffeine can cause oral dryness

Aside from rinsing with Biotène mouthwash for bad breath, these simple tricks might help relieve your Dry Mouth symptoms and the bad breath that can accompany it. Lifestyle changes plus using a mouthwash can help when it comes to known reasons for dry mouth and bad breath.3 Talk to your doctor or a dentist about your situation and make a plan to banish dry mouth and bad breath for good.

*As measured in a 28-day clinical study

Circle framing man covering mouth with fist and circle framing close-up of germs
Circle framing man covering mouth with fist and circle framing close-up of germs

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