Dry Mouth Symptoms & Remedies

Learn about common Dry Mouth
symptoms and how you can find relief

Common symptoms of Dry Mouth include a dry, sticky mouth, bad breath, and chapped lips. With Biotène® and
other simple remedies, you can better manage your Dry Mouth symptoms.

Recognizing Dry Mouth
symptoms is important

Dry Mouth can feel uncomfortable and sometimes be
bothersome, but more importantly, it can impact your
oral health

If left untreated, Dry Mouth may result in a greater risk
of bad breath, cavities, and mouth infections.*

Recognizing the symptoms of Dry Mouth is the first step
to getting moisturizing relief and improving your overall
oral health.

*Biotène® not indicated for these conditions

Dry mouth can cause bad breath cavities & mouth infections

What are common Dry Mouth symptoms?

If you think you have Dry Mouth or are at risk of developing
it, check out these common symptoms:**

  • Dryness in the mouth
  • A sticky feeling in the mouth
  • Chapped lips
  • Bad breath
  • Waking up at night feeling thirsty
  • Problems speaking
  • Difficulty swallowing or eating dry foods
  • Problems wearing dentures

**Biotène® not indicated for all these symptoms

What are common Dry Mouth Symptoms?


Biotène® provides lasting Dry Mouth management. In addition to using
Biotène® Oral Rinse, Oralbalance Gel, and Moisturizing Spray, here are other things
you can do to help relieve your Dry Mouth symptoms.

Biotène® is the #1 dentist
recommended Dry Mouth brand

To help manage Dry Mouth, choose Biotène®, which is
available over-the-counter as a moisturizing oral rinse, mouth
spray, toothpaste, and moisturizing gel.

Biotène® is the #1 dentist recommended Dry Mouth brand